About My Five Blogs

My website is a consolidation of my five blogs. They are each very different, with their own different foci and voices, but they are all me. At first, I decided that sitakali.org would be the hub of these blogs. I later realised that it was difficult to consistently update all five blogs, and it would be better to have them all here. Now each blog post has a category, which is the original blog it belonged to along with tags, which are topics of the post.

So you can further understand the differences between my blogs, here is a summary:

Social Environmentalist

This is my political blog where I share rants, opinions, and facts about the state of our world today. I am a passionate promoter of social and environmental justice and I hope to do as much as possible to help the people and creatures of this Earth in one lifetime.
I believe that there are several ways of going about this, but they must be related to social, economic, and environmental justice. This justice would be brought about by equitable power and resource distribution, as well as emotional and psychological well-being.

This blog is dedicated to my political views as a socialist environmentalist.

The Bullshit Review

The Bullshit Review is a blog of truth. That may sound ironic, but the idea is to review bullshit, not spout it. Think of it as a political Snopes with more depth and less range. Oh, and very strong opinions.

I have come across loud people from all corners of the internet. They try to answer some of today’s most pressing questions and many of their answers are wrong. So, instead of having long, fruitless debates on other people’s blogs (which I have wasted a huge portion of my life doing), I decided to just have a blog about how wrong people are.

I answer questions such as the following:

1) Is human behaviour more influenced by their genetics, or their environment?

2) Is global warming anthropogenic?

3) Is the theory of evolution valid?

4) Can vaccines cause autism?

5) Is population growth one of the world’s biggest problems?

6) Was Ayn Rand a pathetic excuse for a human being?

And to save you some of the suspense, so you can get an idea of where I’m coming from, here are my short answers:

1) Both.

2) Yes.

3) Yes.

4) No.

5) No.

6) Dear god yes.

Add  some well-thought-out arguments, snarky remarks, and sometimes outright angry sarcasm to those answers, along with a few pleas for rational thought, and you’ve got my blog to a T. This is in some ways the cynical antithesis of my other main blog, Voice of Change.

Voice of Change

As humans, we are at a turning point in our history. Change is in the air—it always has been—but especially today, we all have a role to play, and as individuals we are anything but trivial. As a collective, we are movers and shakers.
Peak oil, climate change, food prices, self-sufficiency, environmental degradation, religious extremism…these things are all intricately connected. Some have existed for some time now, while others are new. But together, these forces have the power to contribute to the destruction or rebirth of our society, depending on whether or not we act as change-makers in time.

This is my observance of a pivotal time in our culture.


I am a very spiritual being, and began my spiritual journey at the age of thirteen. I developed my own spirituality at fourteen after reading a book that helped me get an entirely new perspective on life.
This blog is about my spirituality, my spiritual journey, and my observations of “human nature.” I believe that religion is not required for a sense of wonder and reverence; all that is required is the acknowledgment that we are only a tiny part of this incredible universe, and we must respect our place in this world. Please see my spirituality for more information.

This blog also contains my more personal posts, if they do not fit into the themes of my other blogs.

Sitakali: My Stories

I am a passionate humanitarian, a deeply spiritual being, and a strong political debater. But first and foremost, I am a writer.

I started writing when I could hold a pen. That would be what…age 4? That’s when I began recording my wild fantasies, and they’ve become consistently wilder ever since.

*Fairy1I thought up the plot to my first novel at age 10. However, that didn’t go far. I was 13 when I thought up the first novel that I would actually write. Soon afterward, I had thought up the very embryonic stage of the first novel I would finish.

One year later, I began writing the more fetal stage of the book that I entitled Eternal Love, later to be renamed Dust to Dust. I have been working on that book ever since, partially as a commitment to my younger self, and partially because I keep coming up with new ideas to further expand the book.

Dust to Dust is the first in a series of four, all of which are in a more general series called The Hunter. The Hunter series will consist of at least three other novels.

I am unfortunately very paranoid about my work, terrified that people will steal it. I do not care about profit (although that’s always a plus), I’m just very concerned about keeping intellectual property rights. Being an anarcho-socialist, the idea of property has always been a bit foreign to me, yet at the same time, I can’t imagine life without it. As long as I am alive, I would like for my creations to be accredited to me. I don’t believe that is too much to ask.

As a result of this paranoia, I reveal very little about my work until I have finished a significant amount of it. This is because of technicalities in copyright law. As of now, I have entire plots of 13 novels in my head, only a few of which I will name.

I write both fantasy and regular fiction. So far, the main characters are all young women. I have yet to trust myself to really get into the male mindset, so for now I refrain from writing from a male perspective.

I invite you to read on, and tell your friends. You may spread the word about my work as freely as you wish, just as long as you say who wrote it.

I also have a Tumblr blog called Socialist Guinea Pigs. This is my only other active blog.

2 Responses to “About My Five Blogs”

  1. What about socialguineapigs?

    • I added that at the end already. Note that I don’t consider it a blog in the same vein as my other blogs, because it’s mostly reblogs as opposed to original posts.

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