Just an illustration

I had a lot of difficulty finding an American political spectrum to my liking on the Internet. This is probably the closest:


The “space available” would be where socialists sit. What I refer to as “liberals” are: “progressives” (those who would be in the “center” on this spectrum) and Democrats, on the center right.

A better spectrum, that I created, is this one:


~ by owlcat on 11 June, 2013.

4 Responses to “Just an illustration”

  1. I’m sorry your diagram any lacks sense, and open mindedness towards the angles of politics. People who agree and disagree over the endless categories in political spectrums can and should be able to identify as everything. Ex: You can be a socialist conservative; one who has socialist beliefs who also wants gun rights, and is pro choice. Or you can be an conservative democrat. Let’s say you’re a democrat who’s all for capitalism (as your graph firmly states). Yet you want gun regulations, separation of church and state, and gay rights. All three are traditional democratic stances, yet one big conservative point for capitalism. You could say this person is fairly democratic. Or you could say they’re a conservative democrat. Most democrats who are conservative and capitalistic are usually the ones lobbying or directly involved in said capitalist empire.

    So in conclusion once again not thinking outside of the box, not making entire sense.

    • Look, I don’t know where you learned political science, but your analyses once again make so little sense, it’s impossible to argue with them. I seriously give up.

  2. My concepts are basic principles of grade school social studies politics. They are not Stanford graduate and Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow level. You purposefully lack common sense understanding and humility in your genuine level of stubbornness.

    Good Day you John McCainesque Maverck

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